Family Physician

There is a position available for a primary care physician at the Brighton clinic.   Physicians may customize his/her own practice but generally provides the services described below.

The Family Physician in the FHT works collaboratively with other members of the health care team to provide continuous comprehensive care to individual patients and their family members. In conjunction with a team of Allied Health care providers, the physician coordinates the patient’s care and helps them navigate through the health care system. The physician develops a comprehensive approach to the management of disease and illness in patients and their families and oversees the care of patients with both simple and complex multi-system problems. 

The physician is a member of the Brighton Quinte Family Health Organization and is responsible for enrolling his/her own patients. Physicians who belong to the Brighton Quinte FHO are compensated by the MOHLTC via the Blended Capitation Model.

The physician working as part of the FHT provides the following core services:

Health Assessment

Diagnosis and Treatment/ Management

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

A family physician working in the Lakeview FHT ensures that all patients have access to the programs and services offered by the team of allied health professionals.