Fax Numbers

To ensure the correction reception of faxes please note the physican fax numbers below. 

Brighton Office Phone: 613 475 1555 Fax Number
Family Health Team/Allied Health 343-270-0702
Dr. Michelle Cohen343-270-0708
Dr. Erin Gow343-270-0707
Dr. Svetlana Stryuts613-480-6584
Heather Vallieres NP

Colborne Office Phone: 905 355 5355 Fax Number
Kathleen Foss NP905-355-5929
Dr. Iris Noland905-355-5929

Trenton Office Phone: 613 394 0700 Fax Number
Family Health Team/Allied Health 613-394-7079
Dr. Rebecca Bremner613-480-6587
Dr David DeGrace613-887-8417
Genevieve MacDonald NP
Dr. Nicholas Martin613-480-6588
Dr. Ashley Minuk613-480-6586
Dr. Steven Drew Moore613-480-6587
Dr. Fraser Pollard613-480-6586
Dr. Ian Spreadbury613-902-8147
Shannyn Tucker NP613-394-7079