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Hypertension Management Program
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The program is based on the guidelines of the Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS) and adapted for practice through provincial strategy of COR-Health

The Hypertension Canada Guidelines are adapted into educational materials for professionals and the patients.

Patients will be assessed by a Registered Nurse who collaborates with the Primary Care Provider.  The program addresses life style management including diet, exercise and medications. 

A 24 hour Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring program is available on referral from your Primary Care Provider. The process helps to diagnose hypertension and rule out “White Coat “syndrome.

What to expect
  • A series of blood pressure readings approximately 1 to 2 minutes apart will be recorded
  • An average blood pressure will be calculated to create a baseline
  • Lifestyle management educational materials will be reviewed
  • Follow-up visits will be based on the outcome
  • Medication adjustments will be in consultation with the Primary Care Provider
Lifestyle Management of Hypertension