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Medication Management
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As part of the Family Health Team, the pharmacist collaborates with other health care providers to determine which pharmacist services will best meet the patient’s needs.  The pharmacist is also available to the team to support their day to day needs by providing the following professional services.

Medication Reconciliation

Our pharmacist works with your retail pharmacist to help you use your medications safely & effectively. If your medications are changed during your time in hospital, our pharmacist may contact your pharmacy & verify your medication changes. This information is provided to your physician for review at the time of you follow-up visit.  The pharmacist may be asked to meet with you to help you with these changes.

Medication Review

Your primary care provider in collaboration with you may decide that a meeting with the pharmacist would be beneficial to:

  • Review your medications with you, provide you with information & provide feedback to your physician as required.
  • Assist you in reducing your use of Opioids & other medications that have a negative impact on your health due to long term use. 
Health Promotion and Prevention

The pharmacist is part of the team that provides patient information and teaching that includes:

  1. LUNG HEALTH Program for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  2. SMOKING CESSATION Program provides up to 6 months free nicotine replacement products for those who register.